Online Advertising


Siren has made a wonderful commercial for the DVD release! Check it out!



Ive created the following banners and graphics to be used for advertising the DVD release online. Please feel free to post them on your own sites. You can copy and paste the code below into your HTML file, or save the files to your own web directory. Id appreciate it if youd link them back to this site. If youve created your own banner and would like to share it, please email me and Ill put it up!




banner1big.jpg (or banner1small.jpg)



banner2big.jpg (or banner2small.jpg)



banner3big.jpg (or banner3small.jpg)




Audra created this banner and was kind enough to let me post it here!





Use the following code to insert a banner on your website! Simply paste the code into your HTML file. You will need to know the name of the file you are using (as given above: banner1small.jpg, banner1big.jpg, etc).


<a href=>

<img src=""></a>


If you have saved the picture in your own web directory, you will need to put that address in the second line.


<a href=>

<img src="http://www.YOURADDRESS.COM/YOURDIRECTORY/banner1big.jpg"></a>