August 17, 2004

From Ask Greg at Station Eight

(Excerpted from Greg’s Gathering Journal)


Buena Vista's 7-Point PowerPoint Presentation Slide Show, which I've transcribed here [with a few comments]:




2. "Visually Stunning and Dramatically Stirring, Gargoyles Defines Fantastic."

--Ray Stackhouse, TV Guide


3. A Mythical World

--An Animated Series About Ancient Creatures Who Come to Life at Night to Protect Manhattan from Evil

--10 Year Series Anniversary

--Voiced by Well-Known Talent from the Star Trek Franchise Including:

*Jonathan Frakes

*Michael Dorn

*Brent Spiner [who doesn't actually appear in the first season. whoops.]


4. A Loyal Fan Base

--Gargoyles Was the 23rd Most Requested Disney Title of Q2 '04 [certainly, we can do better than that, right?]

--Chat Rooms and Fan Websites Are Buzzing with News of the Upcoming DVD Release:

"OMG! I can't wait. 10 long years and finally my fave cartoon will be on DVD!" - SportyShorty, IMDB Fan Posting

--Annual "Gathering of the Gargoyles" Convention Attended by Thousands of Fans [If you add 'em all up, sure.]

--Gargoyles Airs Every Night on TOON DISNEY CHANNEL and Saturdays on ABC FAMILY


5. A Product Fans Are Clamoring For

--Two-Disc DVD Set

--Includes All 13 Episodes of the First Season of Gargoyles [uncut, I should add]

--Special 10th Anniversary Edition [as opposed to all those other editions, right?]

--Bonus Features:

*The Gathering of the Gargoyles [original documentary filmed at G2004]

*Original Show Pitch by Greg Weisman - Show Creator [previously available ONLY by attending the Gathering]

*Audio Commentary on Origanl Episodes 1-5 [Originally, I had been hoping for commentary on all 13 episodes. Budget constraints made that impossible, as Buena Vista truly has no idea how well this will sell. (We'll have to show them, won't we?) They came back to me saying they could only afford commentary on two episodes, suggesting either the first two episodes or the first episode and "Deadly Force". I went back to them, protesting that our pilot was five episodes and that it would just be weird not to at least have commentary on the whole thing. They discussed it and agreed. So we wound up with five episodes with commentary instead of two, more than doubling the budget. I then tried to convince them to do "Deadly Force," but they ignored me. Oh, well.]


6. On-Air Synergy Support

--Synergy Support from:




7. Pricing and Timing

--Perfectly Timed for Holiday Gift Giving and Gargoyles 10th Anniversary

--U.S.: Two-Disc DVD $29.99 SRP/$19.95 MAP

--CE: Two-Disc DVD $36.99

--NAAD: December 7 [THAT'S RIGHT!!!! THAT'S THE BIGGEST NEWS OF ALL. An official release date: DECEMBER 7th, 2004!!!!!!]

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