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* Season Two News

Details from Ask Greg

Disney Press Release

Cover Art Revealed

News Archive



* Season One Online Reviews

Ultimate Disney review

Silver Bullet Comic Books review

DVD Talk review

Jim Hill Media article

FPS Magazine Review

TVShowsOnDVD review

IGN review



* Why do I love Gargoyles?


“It was just a cartoon,” you say. “Sure, it was a good show, but there are lots of good shows that get cancelled. Why make such a big deal about this one?” This is my humble attempt to explain why I and so many people loved Gargoyles so much. For more testimonials, take a look at the 200+ reviews on Amazon.com (Season One, Season Two).


And if you loved the show, please leave your own review at Amazon!


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These posters were created in Microsoft Word and are available in PDF format. You may need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open these files.


A Castle Rises (B&W, Color)

They Live Again (B&W)

A New World (B&W, Color)

Kathy sent us a Gathering 2005 flyer with the official mascot! (B&W, in .jpg format or .pdf format)

Jade Griffin sent us a copy of her Gathering 2005 flyer! (color, in .jpg format)


If you’ve created your own posters and would like to share them on this site, please email me and I will put them up for you! Or, if you have them uploaded elsewhere, just send me a link.


If you would like to alter these posters for local events, etc, please email me and I will gladly send you the Microsoft Word files.


* Season One News Archive

Basic Info

Fan Order Date Set for December 7th (why are fans coordinating their orders?)

Cover Art Revealed

Revised Cover Art Released

News Archive


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Gargoyles News Central

Gargoyles Fan Website

Station Eight Fiendsite / Ask Greg

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