Fan Preorder Date Set For December 7th


Why are fans coordinating their orders?



September 16, 2004

From Ask Greg at Station Eight:






I just talked to the folks at Buena Vista Home Entertainment.


I asked them what was the best date for us to MASS ORDER/PURCHASE the 1st Season Gargoyles Series DVD.


My contact was unequivocal in his response.




Yep, that's right the day of the release. I guess anything earlier is nice but winds up being too early to be useful. But day and date with the release is exactly what we need.


In the meantime, BV encourages ALL OF YOU to go to Amazon and rave in the comments/reviews section. Leading up to Dec 7, the more good buzz on Amazon's site the better.


(Remember this is the make or break event in the fandom. It's time to prove to Disney once and for all that we have the bodies and the dollars and the fanbase and the communications skills to support more Gargoyles product -- both merchandise and creative. If we can't prove it with this DVD release... well, we're not likely to get another chance.)


So spread the word. SPREAD THE WORD!!!!!!!!


The DVD is coming out December 7th. And we'd like EVERYBODY to ORDER/PURCHASE it on THAT DAY!!!!!!!!!

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